The transportation industry is navigating recovery efforts coming out of the pandemic while facing a shortage of skilled employees and increased market demands and expectations.

The Transportation Technology Trends 2022 Report from Info-Tech Research Group explores research on emerging technology and cybersecurity trends in the transportation sector. The new report discusses how technology is impacting operations and efficiencies in transportation organizations.

The following three advanced trends outlined in should be top of mind for information technology (IT) leaders and executives in the transportation industry over the coming months:

1. Adoption of intelligent automation

Automation can help address the challenge of the driver shortage in the transportation sector. However, it should be noted that automation is a double-edged sword, with the risk of an expanded cyberattack surface as edge devices increase.

2. Analytics-enabled decision-making

To succeed, IT leaders can build a data strategy aligned with business goals and growth using analytics. Organizations lacking skilled data analytics staff or proper data governance and architecture risk having low-quality data, leading to missed opportunities to positively impact revenue.

3. Increased focus on cybersecurity

Cyberattacks on critical infrastructure are a top global risk, with the transportation industry as one of the most high-value targets for ransomware attacks. The drastic increase in digitalization of the transportation industry and the use of new or more endpoint devices have opened new avenues for cyberattacks. Employing the latest security best practices and technology solutions will help organizations mitigate cyberthreats, stay compliant with industry and government regulations, and minimize the financial impact of a breach. To prepare, IT leaders must have robust risk management programs and security maturity assessments with roadmap planning in place to improve the security posture of their passenger and goods transportation organizations.

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