MOD Pizza, a fast-casual pizza chain with locations across North America, struggled with false alarms and legacy camera system issues that strained employee workloads. In order to combat this challenge, the asset protection team at MOD Pizza evaluated different vendors to tackle the complex challenge of streamlining technology implementation while creating a foundation that would allow the addition of advanced security capabilities in the future. 

With a mission to hire people that have barriers to hiring, including those who were formerly incarcerated, individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities (IDD), and those who have struggled with housing insecurity or are recovering from addiction, MOD Pizza is committed to creating a safe environment for its 10,000 employees and patrons. However, legacy camera and alarm systems required frequent manual intervention which was unnecessarily adding to their employees’ workload and disrupting their focus on customers.

MOD Pizza chose Interface to deploy hybrid network video recorders (NVRs) to leverage their legacy analog camera investments and installed the latest IP cameras at new locations. With NVRs in place, security footage from analog cameras can be converted into a digital format and stored on the cloud for easier access, review and analysis.

MOD Pizza’s legacy alarm systems resulted in frequent operational disruption and false alarm penalties, and employee confidence in the alarm solution was fast eroding. To solve this problem, the restaurant chain added a video-verified alarm solution that includes verification of every alarm event by trained intervention specialists. This has significantly reduced wasted effort by restaurant managers to physically check the location during non-business hours, and eliminated costly false alarm penalties.

In addition, Interface deployed a centralized cloud-based video management system to easily find video recordings across any location for investigations and securely share the recordings with law enforcement or use video clips for internal training purposes. By consolidating all business security operations with Interface, MOD Pizza is now in a position to offer a significantly improved work environment for its employees, along with discreet, always-on security coverage for customers.

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