Gjovik Ford, an auto dealership in Plano, Illinois, sought to decrease theft and prevent fraud by implementing an integrated video surveillance system into their newly constructed 34,000 sq. ft. facility.

“Right now, car theft is a serious issue. Thieves are breaking into dealerships at night and stealing keys and cars. They are also cutting off catalytic converters and stealing tires and wheels. So, we wanted a very high security camera system at our new store,” says Todd O’Reilly, Gjovik Ford’s Co-Owner and General Manager.

Surveillance reducing theft and fraud

The auto dealer wanted a surveillance system that would deter potential employee theft from customer vehicles and the dealership as well. Surveillance systems can also help dealerships prevent unwarranted vehicle damage claims from customers.

Gjovik Ford selected BTI Communications Group to implement the security system. The camera system offers coverage inside and outside the building, including entry to the service department. The integrated system preventatively notifies staff of any movement that needs further attention. When building access is included, it can also enable spotting any discrepancies in door or gate access control, based on time of day, location, personnel involved, and other factors.

Theft & fraud deterrent in car dealership

According to O’Reilly, the integrated security system has helped to deter the theft of vehicles, components and costly equipment, which has lowered insurance rates. To deter false damage claims, the surveillance system monitors when cars enter and exit the premises and documents any dents or scratches.

“When there is a vehicle damage claim, we retrieve video by license plate to show the customer their car’s condition when they entered our service bay. Because they can see any preexisting damage with their own eyes, that essentially ends the dispute,” says O’Reilly.

“By eliminating false claims, we’ve reduced our monthly repair bill for fixing dents and scratches by 75%. We could reduce it further, but in some cases, we still take care of occasional issues as a goodwill gesture for customers,” he adds.

The integrated security surveillance system has also helped to deter employee theft.

“We have cameras inside and outside the building, so we can watch everything. If a customer claims an employee took something from their car, I can check the recording. We can show them that there was no theft, or promptly replace an item and proceed with employee disciplinary action if theft occurred,” says O’Reilly.