Rob Thompson has been named the new Chief Information Officer (CIO) and Associate Vice President for Computing and Information Technology (C&IT) at Wayne State University after holding the position in an interim capacity for the past two years.

As CIO, Thompson will be responsible for the university’s computing and networking facilities, datacenter operations, enterprise software applications, learning management environments, high-performance research computing, voice services, information security, and information technology support services.

Under Thompson’s leadership, C&IT has progressively improved cybersecurity. Key changes include implementation of two-factor authentication, strengthening IT security frameworks, and deploying a four-year computer replacement program for all colleges.

He also helped guide the development and launch of STARS 2.0, a modern advising and student success platform, and partnered with Midtown Detroit, Inc., to implement outdoor WiFi at cultural sites throughout the city.

Throughout his 25 years with the university, Thompson has been known for his collaborative and creative spirit. He has held IT roles across Wayne State University, including Director of Academic and Core Operations and Senior Director of Enterprise Applications. He brings a wealth of expertise and knowledge to his role, with experience in databases, information technology management, data governance, business analytics, software development and infrastructure management.