As cybersecurity leaders are now dealing with a hybrid workplace, hybrid cloud and digital business growth, the ability to manage cyber risk has become more challenging.

The 2022 Attack Surface Management Maturity Report from Oomnitza and conducted by Cybersecurity Insiders surveyed 351 U.S. enterprise information security professionals to find that 60% of enterprises have low confidence in their ability to manage attack surface risk.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic catalyzed a shift to hybrid and remote work across the U.S., cybersecurity leaders have worked to determine the best strategies to protect rapidly expanding corporate networks and attack surfaces.

The report found that while 64% of organizations support a hybrid workplace, 53% witnessed their remote workforce deviating from security policy. In addition, over the past 12 months, nearly a third of respondents experienced security issues that resulted in reduced worker productivity and reduced business activity, with 21% experiencing increased incident response expenditure.

Eighty-four percent of organizations lack a unified view of the hybrid information technology (IT) security posture, while 55% of respondents showed poor asset inventory intelligence and 70% expressed moderate patch management efficacy.

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