Ken Ferrante will head the City of Hoboken's Public Safety Department as the new Public Safety Director, overseeing the Hoboken Police Department, Fire Department, and Office of Emergency Management (OEM).

As Public Safety Director, Ferrante will analyze crime prevention and fire safety preparedness, update and implement strategic public safety policies and procedures that ensure public safety, and adjust departmental methods and protocols to increase operational efficiencies. He will also develop and monitor department budgets while finding cost-saving measures, liaise with other agencies, and conduct community relations and public information programs, among other duties.

Ferrante has served the New Jersey city's community for nearly three decades, launching his career in public service as a Hoboken Police Officer in 1993, rising in rank until ultimately heading the Hoboken Police Department (HPD) as the Chief of Police from October 2014 to his retirement in July 2021.

During his tenure, Ferrante has earned numerous awards, including the Combat Cross, Honorable Service Award and Exceptional Duty Award, among others. He also served as the City of Hoboken's Office of Emergency Management Coordinator from 2013 and 2014, during which time he responded to all active fires and worked with the Administration to launch the Hoboken Ready program and the Rebuild by Design project.