The Anti-Human Trafficking Intelligence Initiative (ATII) works to combat and raise awareness around human trafficking. 

A prime focus for ATII is child abuse material, which amounts to 30% of dark web investigations. ATII monitors over 193,000 dark websites and discovers 5,000 to 10,000 new sites involved in human trafficking per month.

In order to further combat and identify instances of human trafficking, ATII has begun using the Siren Investigative Intelligence platform.

By ingesting data into Siren from its own dark web intelligence platform, Project Hades, ATII is able to overlap data from multiple sources in order to try and find links. ATII can now conduct investigations in bulk and define different anomalies, which enables the organization to triage investigations more efficiently and differentiate between important and urgent cases. ATII can deploy selectors, integrate multiple APIs and overcome historical data processing issues. 

Larry Cameron, ATII Chief Information Security Officer, said, “We are changing the way we work, as we don’t want to keep on exporting data sets — we want all of our data on one platform. We also want to have the data automatically updated and consistently enriched. This enables our taskforce of 140 people to investigate more effectively.”