Pfizer, a COVID-19 vaccine producer, has opened a Global Center for Digital Innovation in Thessaloniki, Greece.

The Global Center for Digital Innovation is a key component of Pfizer’s digital operating model. Already employing over 300 high-level scientists, the center’s focus includes digitizing drug discovery and development, enhancing health outcomes and patient experience, and leveraging digital tools in healthcare, such as artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced analytics.

Housing sensitive health research and many high-profile scientists, the organization needed a security strategy that could protect many facets of the center's physical assets. The center is now secured by G4S manned guarding, access control for staff and visitors, video surveillance and a quick response team to investigate alarms that are triggered.

According to Nikos Barbias, Managing Director for G4S in Greece, the security team is "prepared to respond to any demonstrations, protests or attempted breaches to ensure that Pfizer’s staff and visitors are safe and secure as they go about their work. We ensure that all site-related health, safety and fire prevention issues are effectively managed, including executing fire drills, and we investigate any attempted breaches, thefts or security incidents in partnership with Pfizer, the police and local authorities."

G4S is also responsible for first aid at the site, ensuring that adequately trained responders are always available and stocks of medical supplies are maintained.