Public and private entities in the United Kingdom have connected in support of the National Cyber Resilience Centre Group (NCRCG), a not-for-profit company bringing together all those who have a vital responsibility for embedding cyber resilience throughout the U.K. economy.

NCRCG is funded and supported by the Home Office, law enforcement and Ambassador Partners from the UK’s largest businesses and organizations. NCRCG will support the growth of the Cyber Resilience Centre (CRC) network across England and Wales, which already exists to help smaller organizations face the challenges posed by cybercrime. The group will also create a Talent Pipeline of students interested in cybersecurity.

NCRCG will continue and support the work of nine regional cyber resilience centers throughout the U.K. Officials from the government, law enforcement and corporations announced the creation of NCRCG in early December.

U.K. Security Minister The Rt Hon Damian Hinds, MP, highlighted the importance of public-private partnerships in security, saying, "This new center group is a flagship enterprise of public and private sector demonstrating how innovation can support the business community."

Detective Superintendent Nick Bell, CEO of the National Cyber Resilience Centre Group and National Policing Director for the CRCs, said, "Cybercrime costs our national economy; it affects organizations’ ability to trade, their ability to recruit and retain and ultimately can have a considerable impact on their bottom line. In NCRCG, we have a platform for leading the charge to strengthen our national cyber resilience and help to develop best practice across the country. By working together as police, government, business, third sector organizations and academia, we have the best potential to minimize the risk posed by cybercriminals and support those who most need cyber protection."