Forty-three percent of surveyed U.S. employees believe that returning to in-person work could pose a risk to their health and safety. With the rise of a new COVID-19 variant and the pervasiveness of the virus in the country, employees have turned to cleaning protocols as a potential safety measure at work.

A new survey from the Cleaning Coalition of America finds that U.S. workers increasingly value enhanced cleaning of the workplace and feel safer seeing professional cleaners onsite. A majority (89.9%) of respondents cited workplace cleaning protocols as important as employees return to the office, with 77% percent of workers wanting the workplace cleaned daily.

Fielded in late October, the survey examined the perceptions of 1,800 U.S. workers to understand expectations surrounding return-to-work as businesses look to reopen in the future.

Almost two years into the pandemic, nearly half of Americans surveyed still have lingering concerns about returning to the workplace. In fact, 38% of respondents would consider changing their jobs if the workplace was not cleaned properly. However, a clean workplace is not the only concern, with respondents citing COVID-19 infection rates as a primary impediment to returning to in-person work.

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