Den Jones has been named the new Chief Security Officer (CSO) at Banyan Security, a zero trust network access (ZTNA) provider. Jones is the company's first CSO.

Jones brings considerable expertise implementing security technology and protocols to protect corporate assets and employees to Banyan. He also adds a customer perspective to the leadership team. Den’s vision and strategy for zero trust networking was executed at both Adobe and Cisco, protecting a combined 150,000+ workers and more than 300,000 devices.

Jones has more than 20 years of experience driving IT and security initiatives at large enterprises. He most recently served as Senior Director of Enterprise Security at Cisco, and prior to that, he was the Director of Enterprise Security at Adobe. Under his management, Jones' teams delivered proactive enterprise-wide security services as well as customer-facing Directory and Authentication platforms.

Jones is also a well-respected member of the security industry community. He serves on the Customer Advisory Board for Identity Defined Security Alliance and is a member of Microsoft's Cyber Security Council.