Residents of North Dakota experience the highest cybercrime losses per capita, according to new research from AdvisorSmith. Analyzing data from the FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center's 2020 Internet Crime Report, the organization ranked which states hosted the highest victim count and loss rate per 100,000 residents.

States with the largest financial losses

The study found that residents of North Dakota experienced the highest losses due to cybercrime of any U.S. state, with a per capita average of $33.12. Identity theft and personal data breaches were the largest sources of loss in the state. Following North Dakota were Washington D.C. (average loss of $27.47) and New York, where the average per capita losses totaled $20.58.

States with the most victims of cybercrime

Nevada ranked highest when it comes to victims of cybercrime per capita, with 519 cybercrime victims per 100,000 residents. Washington D.C. followed the state with 309 victims per capita, while Iowa ranked third (294 victims per capita). The report noted that identity theft, ransomware and non-payment/non-delivery were the most common forms of cybercrime seen in the top three states.

Cybersecurity strategies

The report advises residents and organizations housed within the United States to follow certain protocols when it comes to cybersecurity, including:

  • Investing in cyber insurance
  • Installing cybersecurity software on work and personal devices
  • Backing up data

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