The cybersecurity workforce extends around the globe, with countries placing emphases on the importance of securing the cyber landscape. Veriff has analyzed the global workforce, revealing the companies and countries leading the way in cybersecurity. The study also surveyed the most in-demand cybersecurity job roles. 

The report, published in a blog titled "Companies Leading the Way in Cyber Security," compiled data about the top cybersecurity companies, the highest revenue companies and in-demand cybersecurity roles, the data from which was found across global job boards.

Countries with the largest cybersecurity workforce 

The United States has the largest cybersecurity workforce at nearly 900,000 employees, according to the report. The U.S. is closely followed by Brazil with just over 600,000 employees and Mexico, having almost half a million cybersecurity employees.

When comparing each country's workforce against its population, the US is demoted to ninth place, with just 0.3% of its population working in cybersecurity. Singapore takes the lead with 1% of its population working within cybersecurity, followed by the UK (0.5%), South Korea (0.5%) and Australia (0.4%). 

Companies leading the way in cybersecurity

The demand for cybersecurity staff will continue to grow, with predictions of a 31% increase by 2029. Sixty-eight percent of business leaders feel that cybersecurity risks are increasing, making the cybersecurity workforce a priority for businesses around the world. The firm Netskope leads the way in cybersecurity recruitment, advertising 566 jobs. 

In-demand cybersecurity jobs

The study also analyzed the job titles of the top 10 cybersecurity companies to reveal the most in-demand roles. The most in-demand department is engineering, with senior software engineers being the most advertised, making up 26% of the total job openings surveyed.

The second most in-demand department in cybersecurity is sales, accounting for 15% of cybersecurity job advertisements, the most popular role within sales being sales engineers. Following in third is development, with the top role being software developer.

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