In the last several years, the Jack Evans Police Headquarters building in Dallas, Texas has been upgrading its physical security using a layered approach to ensure the safety of officers and visitors at all times. The most recent addition is a fence line fortified with vehicle gates and Turnlock full height turnstiles from Boon Edam to control pedestrian access into secured parking areas.

The Dallas Police Department's layered security solution involves the fortification of the seven patrol station lobbies, which can withstand rifle rounds, and updating the headquarters lobby security system. The headquarters lobby includes a separate security screening room, an interior wall with bullet-rated glass and wall materials and a revolving door that controls the one-way flow of traffic into the building.

In 2021, the headquarters building implemented its next, planned security layer to deter crime and violence in the outer ten acres of the property complex. Surrounding the north, south and western access points around the facility is an Impasse II heavy duty steel palisade fence by Ameristar. The fence is comprised of individual steel pales secured vertically to a framework of specially formed rails and I-beam posts. The pales bend outward at the top to deter climb over attempts by intruders.

The exterior fencing around police fleet parking and the Headquarters building improves the safety of officers, staff and the building itself by keeping potential threats out at a distance.