A report surveying over 500 full-time employees on worker safety revealed disparities between employer- and employee-preferred emergency communication methods. The Workplace Safety and Preparedness Report from Rave Mobile Safety found that 33% of workers were unaware or unsure of their company's emergency response plans (ERMs) in March 2021.

Fourteen percent of respondents reported working in a fully remote environment from March 2020-2021, while over 50% said that their workplace adopted a hybrid model. Just under one-third (28%) of employees surveyed worked in-person every business day.

Operating within this new hybrid workplace landscape, some employees felt uninformed of their company's security and safety policies. One-third of respondents (33%) were unaware or unsure of ERMs for one or more of the following incidents: active shooters, workplace violence, medical emergencies, fire, hazmat incidents, weather events or cyberattacks/system outages.

The report highlighted differences between employer- and employee-preferred communication methods in the event of an incident. Forty-three percent of remote workers prefer mass text messages as their emergency notification method, followed by 22% preferring email. The survey found that over half of businesses used email as an emergency communication method in 2020, 47% used in-person announcements and 42% used a mass text messaging system.

Find the full report here.