Identifies Elevated Skin Temperatures

Today, airport users may be required to go through elevated skin temperature screening tests at the departure level entrance, the immigration desk and the boarding gate. FLIR thermal imaging cameras such as the FLIR E76 offer the efficiency and safety of non-contact skin temperature screening with audible and visual (color-coded) alarms to warn camera operators whenever a camera detects a person whose skin temperature exceeds a pre-configured temperature threshold. The FLIR E76 offers coverage of near and distant targets through a range of interchangeable AutoCal lenses, with fields of view for everything from wide-angle roof inspections to electrical inspections performed from a safe distance. Image courtesy of FLIR

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 Monitors Large Areas for Potential Threats

 With large public areas in airports to monitor and issues like unattended bags to track, having an effective, video  surveillance system is crucial. The Tyco victor Unified Video Management App is a scalable solution for command and control that seamlessly synchronizes video surveillance with access control, fire, intrusion and other systems into one interface. The VMS allows any operator to immediately share cameras of interest, streamlining real-time security commands and management over the environment. Person-based intelligent search can narrow down search time from minutes to seconds to gain the upper hand against potential threats. Leveraging high-performance smart video searching, video intelligence and case management along with an extensive feature set, users gain greater situational awareness. Image courtesy of Tyco

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Automates Surveillance and Operation Management

Genetec Security Center for Airports enables security managers, terminal and ground handling staff, control room operators and passenger experience managers to work together using a single unified product. In addition to video management (Security Center Omnicast), access control (Security Center Synergis) and Automatic License Plate recognition capabilities (Security Center AutoVuTM), Security Center for Airports features several airport-specific capabilities, including Flight Business Logic to correlate flight information with other operational resources and automate surveillance and operation management based on flight and gate information so security teams are always in sync. Its Restricted Area Surveillance capability relies on multiple intrusion detection technologies (radar, LiDar, fence intrusion detection, video analytics, drone detection, etc.) to detect potential threats across wide areas to strengthen tarmac, aircraft, traveler and staff security. Image courtesy of Genetec

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Rugged Design Meets Video Analytics

Bosch MIC IP cameras are rugged, constructed from anti-corrosive metal and can function at -40°F to +149°F. The built-in Intelligent Video Analytics technology provides situational awareness in demanding environments. With Camera Trainer, a machine learning functionality, MIC IP cameras can recognize user-defined target objects, including moving and non-moving objects, to alert operators of unusual scene activity. The 4K UHD version provides high-resolution for mission-critical applications such as city surveillance and congested highways, making them ideal for ports and airport perimeters. Image courtesy of Bosch

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Axis Communications

Provides Coverage in Challenging Lighting

AXIS P3719-PLE Network Camera is a compact 15-megapixel camera with four varifocal lenses that enable overview and detailed surveillance. With one IP address and one network cable, the four-camera-in-one unit provides a flexible solution for multidirectional surveillance. WDR and 360-degree IR illumination provide video quality in different light conditions. Each camera head can be individually positioned (pan, tilt, roll and twist) along a circular track. Remote zoom and focus make it easy to install, and the clear cover, with no sharp edges, ensures undistorted views in all directions. The camera comes with an integrated weather shield. It also features Axis Zipstream for reduced bandwidth and storage needs. Image courtesy of Axis

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Increases Situational Awareness

Pelco’s Spectra Enhanced 7 series of PTZ domes are ideal for airport applications with challenging lighting and broad surveillance areas with long perimeters to monitor. Spectra Enhanced 7 combines PTZ technology in one camera. It offers 4K resolution with 18x optical zoom. Built with a frameless direct drive motor system with fast and automated tracking, it eliminates the risk of PTZ cameras pointing out the wrong direction and missing threat information. Deep learning algorithms and actionable analytics help improve detection accuracy. It increases the camera’s ability to categorize objects within the scene, tracking and counting people and vehicles. Airport personnel can focus on situations needing immediate attention and analyze information to improve operational efficiencies. Image courtesy of Pelco

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Integrates Thermal Imager and PTZ for Intrusion Detection and Object Tracking

Vicon’s series of high-powered thermal sensor cameras integrate with a high-speed SN683D PTZ dome camera to detect, identify and track intruders using thermal detection and is combined with targeted surveillance from the PTZ for situational awareness. When a threat is detected, the PTZ automatically slews to cue, providing confirmation and forensic coverage. Detection alerts notify personnel of potential threats. The thermal detection system may decrease the number of security personnel needed to monitor critical areas in traditional detection and surveillance. Image courtesy of Vicon

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Short-Range Outdoor and Indoor Perimeter Detection

Hikvision Thermal-Optical Turret Camera DS-2TD1217-2/V1 is part of Hikvision’s Performance Series Thermal Cameras, designed for short-range detection. The thermal-optical turret camera combines wide-angle thermal and optical cameras with thermal imaging-based fire detection, temperature monitoring, cigarette smoking detection, DeepinView intrusion detection and abnormal sound detection. The HikMicro manufactured 160 by 120 vanadium oxide thermal detector provides thermal image quality upscaled to an output resolution of 320 by 240px. The 24/7 image stability of thermal imaging is paired with a high-speed graphics processing unit (GPU) to realize deep learning-based VCA algorithms. Image courtesy of Hikvision

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Covers Wide Areas With One Camera

Hanwha Techwin America’s Wisenet PNM-9000VD (2-head) delivers 5MP image quality and modular lens configuration. The PNM-9000VD supports 30 fps image capture and 120 dB WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) without compromising the frame rate for each of its 5MP sensors. Configurable factory-focused lens/CMOS sensor modules are available in 3.7, 4.6 and 7mm for multiple fields of view, which can be installed on-site. Hallway view aspect ratios are supported for monitoring of vertical shaped areas. Each sensor has its own Wisenet 5 chip providing built-in video analytics, including loitering, directional detection, fog detection, tampering, and motion detection and objects entering or exiting an area. Image courtesy of Hanwha

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Provides Face Detection and Identification of Persons of Interest

The VISIX Facial Recognition camera from 3xLOGIC is a 4MP camera for face detection, identification and notification of persons of interest (POI). Using camera-based analytics and 3xLOGIC’s server-based Facial Recognition application and mobile app, users can review captured facial images and choose POI to place on a watch list for notification locally via the mobile app. Watch lists can be managed through any web browser with internet access to add additional details or make adjustments. The app also includes a search feature that can show events when a specific person of interest on the watch list was detected across multiple sites. Image courtesy of 3xLOGIC

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