Together is a non-profit based in Omaha, Nebraska. Together’s mission is to prevent and end hunger and homelessness. The organization works through strategic partnerships and collaborations with other nonprofit organizations, government, businesses and caring individuals.

Like many nonprofits, Together runs lean to preserve and direct resources back to the people who need them most. In 2018, President and CEO Mike Hornacek made the decision to adopt the cloud across their entire organization, from their enterprise software to phone systems and video surveillance infrastructure. The non-profit recently updated their security cameras and ultimately, desired a cloud-based solution that would allow them to preserve their recent investments. 

To streamline the security infrastructure, the organization turned to the Arcules unified cloud platform. The Arcules solution allows scalability for Together by being cost effective and compatible with existing IP cameras and networks.

Compatibility was important, because Together needed a security upgrade that would integrate with its existing Milestone-XProtect video management software. After researching cloud-based security solutions, Hornacek decided that Arcules was capable of fulfilling all of their requirements and would allow for future scalability for the organization. The open platform enabled Together to leverage existing cameras and provide cost and operational efficiencies.

“By adopting a cloud-based platform, Together has been able to significantly reduce security management and maintenance,” said Hornacek. “Software upgrades are automatic, and continuous monitoring and proactive support alerts our team to potential issues before they become problems. As a nonprofit, we are often spread thin, and Arcules cloud-based infrastructure has made us more effective in ensuring the safety of our facilities and participants.”