1/ST has appointed former Federal Bureau of Investigation Supervisory Special Agent Rob D'Amico as Chief Security Officer for the 1/ST group of companies. 

D'Amico will lead an integrated security team that will focus on elevating and enforcing safety and integrity protocols across 1/ST businesses. The security team will support and implement best practices for 1/ST RACING, 1/ST TECHNOLOGY, 1/ST EXPERIENCE, 1/ST CONTENT and 1/ST PROPERTIES and will work directly with 1/ST HORSE CARE to achieve the highest safety standards in Thoroughbred horse racing. The appointment of D'Amico as Chief Security Officer provides an increased layer of protection and security oversight on the backstretch, for guests at 1/ST venues and online, for employees and the company's advanced IT systems. 

"I am thrilled that Rob has joined our team as Chief Security Officer," said Belinda Stronach, Chairman and President, 1/ST. "Rob has an extensive and proven track record of collaboration with federal, state, local, and international law enforcement agencies and military that will serve to further complement and reinforce our company's unwavering commitment to integrity. While progress has been made, there is much work to be done to ensure we continue to weed out those in our sport who believe that there is a place for unethical and illegal practices."

D'Amico has over 26 years of experience and served in the top echelons of federal law enforcement and over 35 years of service to the United States government. Most recently, he served as the FBI's Legal Attaché US Embassy Kabul, running all FBI operations in Afghanistan. D'Amico has participated in some of the United States' most sensitive and highly visible investigations and operations around the world.  Highly regarded in the law enforcement and intelligence community, D'Amico has been awarded with both the FBI's and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police's highest medals for meritorious achievement. 

"What a great opportunity it is to work with Belinda and her leadership team to make an impact in Thoroughbred horse racing," said Rob D'Amico, Chief Security Officer, 1/ST. "I look forward to applying my law enforcement and intelligence expertise to protect these magnificent animals and the integrity of the sport while working with the diverse group of companies that make up 1/ST."