The Neiman Marcus Group Inc., the parent company for luxury retailers Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, Last Call and Horchow with 38 stores nationwide, needed a cost-effective, user friendly, and scalable security solution with customization options. The organization was working with an older access control system in their stores and Dallas, TX headquarters that was becoming increasingly difficult and costly to support.

Since Neiman Marcus already had a significant investment in Mercury controllers for the access control system, the organization wanted to continue using these boards with a new, compatible system. In addition, Neiman Marcus Group also had other access control readers as well, and needed a hybrid approach that could protect their existing investments and complement their already installed technology.

The UnityIS by IMRON cloud-based software ultimately was chosen by the retailer, allowing the security department to be able access the system from any web browser on smartphones, tablets or computers virtually anywhere. The access management system allows multiple users to manage the system simultaneously, which was not possible with Neiman Marcus Group's previous solution. The simple change streamlined their internal processes, reduced dedicated staffing, and increased functionality by allowing more associates to manage day-to-day operations.

The hybrid approach has allowed the organization to add multiple sites along with new technologies to the enterprise system as needed.