SourceAmerica announced a Natural Disaster Grant program that will enable financial assistance stemming from these disasters for nonprofit agencies within its network.

SourceAmerica's mission is to create job opportunities for people with disabilities. The new grants allow the organization to continue its mission while supporting eligible nonprofit agencies with funds to address the immediate needs of both the agencies and their employees in times of disaster. Grants will be made available when a governor declares a state of emergency for a natural disaster that has directly impacted the geographic area where an affected nonprofit agency is located.

Grants are available on a first-come, first-served basis. More than 400 nonprofit agencies in the SourceAmerica network will be eligible to receive assistance in the event a natural disaster affects their operation. Each of these agencies provides employment opportunities to people with disabilities through the AbilityOne Program, one of the largest sources of employment for people with disabilities in the U.S. In fact, nearly 40,000 people with significant disabilities are employed nationwide through the AbilityOne Program across the SourceAmerica network.

The yearly overall grant fund available to nonprofits is set at $1,000,000.