The Federal Aviation Administration(FAA) will accept applications from airport sponsors through Dec. 17, 2020, under the Fiscal Year 2021 Military Airport Program (MAP). The MAP provides funding to help develop former military airports or designated joint-use military airfields for civilian use.

The program helps increase civilian aviation capacity by financing projects such as building or repairing parking lots, fuel farms, hangars, utility systems, access roads, cargo buildings, and other airfield projects at former military airports.

The MAP is funded by the Airport Improvement Program (AIP). Congress has historically appropriated approximately $10 million for this program. However, the FAA is operating under a Continuing Resolution so the amount is unknown.

A maximum of 15 airports may participate in the program at any one time, including up to three general aviation (GA) airports. Airports selected to participate in the MAP may receive federal financial assistance for one to five years. Currently, there are four airports in the program and three slots are available for GA airports.

Since 1991, the FAA has funded approximately $753 million for a MAP projects. Many of these projects are not normally eligible for AIP funding, but projects for MAP-designated airports have unique eligibility rules to convert the airports to civilian or joint use.

Current MAP designees and new applicants can contact the FAA’s Airports District Office for assistance.