A surveillance system in the city of Or Akiva, Israel, is reportedly the first of its kind in the country deployed to monitor whether Israeli public is complying with the government's coronavirus guidelines, including wearing masks and social distancing.

Installed a few weeks ago, the security officials in Or Akiva have been focused on cracking down on violations of health directives, which led to the installation of smart surveillance cameras, installed in main locations across the city. The technology can detect whether a person is wearing a face cover and can measure the distance between individuals to determine whether they are observing social distancing rules. The new system can also measure the density of groups in a certain area to prevent overcrowding.

There is a PA system where officials can announce transgressions and if response is needed, law enforcement can be called to the scene. The monitoring system does not possess facial recognition capabilities, though the system joins the city's existing network of 300 cameras.