Massachusetts-based NRG Lab, which owns and operates three gyms in the state, need a solution to tackle "tailgating" so unauthorized visitors don't enter immediately behind authorized members, as well as to ensure continued safe operation, protecting its bottom line during the heath crisis. The gym company implemented Camio, an AI-driven, software-based video search and alerting platform. 

The solution works with existing cameras and is deployed virtually, to help enterprises with automated social distancing, mask detection and contact tracing, as well as tailgating. 

The technology uses existing cameras to identify members at the gyms that allow unauthorized entry using their badge-in credentials, which can be particularly beneficial during hours when the front desk is not staffed. Gym members and staff get automated alerts through any Web browser — sometimes with fines — to deter people from jeopardizing the club's continued operation.

The platform also detects whether people are wearing masks to help the clubs remain safe places to visit.

“Providing new around-the-clock access to our gyms was critical to reopening safely, meeting the needs of our members and maintaining profitability,” said Luther White, president and CEO of NRG Lab. “Camio set up our tailgating solution in less than an hour using our existing cameras. Now we’re able to easily and affordably protect our profit margins and limit non-member access to protect the well-being of everyone who passes through our doors.”