BlackBerry AtHoc is a critical event communication platform used by government agencies and enterprises globally to communicate and collaborate during critical events and emergencies. In emergency situations such as a natural disaster, industrial accident, IT service disruptions or facility intrusion, delivering essential messages with real-time speed collecting situational feedback can save lives and keep critical business operations running. By connecting people, devices and organizations, BlackBerry AtHoc provides a common platform for crisis communications, IT service alerting and business operations messaging to protect people and business operations. The solution is available on premise or via cloud. BlackBerry AtHoc Managed Service delivers the full-featured BlackBerry AtHoc system as a service managed and delivered by BlackBerry’s crisis communications experts, allowing any organization, of any size, to quickly establish and maintain a critical event communications capability used traditionally by larger organizations. BlackBerry AtHoc Managed Service can be up and running in 48 hours.

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