When it comes to an emergency, seconds can make a massive difference. Security leaders are constantly looking to improve response time, strengthening communication between themselves and employees.

Security magazine highlights crisis management platforms, alert systems and mass-communication channels.


Quickly Alert Employees of an Emergency

AlertMedia’s mass notification system

AlertMedia’s mass notification system allows users to contact any-sized audiences around the globe. The system syncs with other internal systems to manage contacts and communication preferences. The program allows users to create message templates (fire, active shooter, severe weather, etc.) to communicate with employees in the event of an emergency. Users can create message groups based on a number of factors, encrypting data to protect company information. Image courtesy of AlertMedia


Alert Employees in Case of a Fire

Altronix FireSwitch108 Network Managed NAC Power Extender

The Altronix FireSwitch108 Network Managed NAC Power Extender has eight Class B NAC outputs which are also programmable for aux power or fourClass A outputs for fire signaling applications. Additional key features include built-in battery charging, CO Temporal Code and programmable EOL resistor values by output saving time and labor. Embedded LINQ Network Power Management allows for remote reset and can allow security leaders to control, monitor and report power/diagnostics from anywhere over the network. Image courtesy of Altronix


Notify First Responders via Voice

Emergence Technology Group (ETG)’s voice-activated notification system

Emergence Technology Group (ETG)’s voice-activated notification system can summon immediate aid for a wide range of situations, including medical emergencies, home invasions, armed robberies, carjackings, sexual assaults, kidnappings and abductions. The solution ensures user privacy by not storing conversations, sentences, words or even sounds in the cloud. Image courtesy of ETG


Track Critical Events to Accelerate Response

Everbridge’s Crisis Management solution

Everbridge’s Crisis Management solution is designed to help organizations manage the lifecycle of a critical event and accelerate response and recovery times. The program centralizes incident response tasks, activities and resources through a common operating picture and accompanying mobile application. Crisis, business continuity, security and resiliency teams can utilize the solution to create and launch response plans to quickly restore operations, mitigate brand and financial impacts and help ensure employee safety. Image courtesy of Everbridge


Lock Down Buildings Quickly

Honeywell Automatic Gunshot Detection and Lockdown

Honeywell Automatic Gunshot Detection and Lockdown alerts law enforcement immediately once triggered. Mass alerts can be sent to enrolled recipients by group, such as building occupants or employees, and can be sent by text, email, phone and via public address (PA) systems in the building. The platform also provides live video stream from nearby cameras, with access to other cameras onsite. Lockdown can be automatically initiated, whether it is a full lockdown or a lockdown limited to geofenced, targeted areas. Image courtesy of Honeywell


Send Widespread Emergency Alerts


Text-em-all allows users to send voice and text messages to large groups of people at once. Messages can be pre-scheduled or written, allowing for quick sending in the event of an emergency or practice drill. The program will notify users of anyone whose number isn’t working and allows for direct responses from recipients. The system also provides analytics after a mass send, making it easier to conduct tests and correct mistakes prior to an emergency. Image courtesy of text-em-all


Communicate Directly With Public Safety

Motorola Solutions’ Rave Alert

Motorola Solutions’ Rave Alert is a FedRAMP-authorized mass notification system used by governments, organizations, schools and enterprises to send mass communications, targeted alerts or operational messages when severe weather, health emergencies, lockdowns or evacuations require people to take appropriate action. Rave Alert powers statewide multimodal emergency alerting in Delaware, Iowa and California and provides Louisiana and New Mexico with a platform to trigger Integrated Public Alert and Warning System (IPAWS) messages that unify the U. S. Emergency Alert System, National Warning System, Wireless Emergency Alerts and NOAA Weather Radio. Rave Alert users can send messages via text, email, desktop, voice, social media, public address systems and digital signage. Image courtesy of Motorola Solutions


Distinguish Emergency Alerts to Prevent Fatigue

OnPage IT service alerting (ITSA) system

The OnPage IT service alerting (ITSA) system consists of a secure mobile messaging function. OnPage enables teams to reduce outages, improve productivity and keep digital services on. OnPage provides alert escalations, digital schedules, redundancies, incident reports and Alert-Until-Read capabilities for IT teams across all industries to ensure urgent notifications are not ignored. Image courtesy of OnPage


Allow Communication Between Public Officials

Tyler's computer aided dispatch (CAD) solutions streamlines emergency dispatch systems. The program will help connect existing legacy systems for emergency communications, allowing different public safety agencies to communicate with each other. The system is scalable from small-town departments to metropolitan areas with a million residents. Image courtesy of Tyler Technologies