Security veteran Matthieu Petrigh, launched a new website with open source training programs on an array of topics dedicated to security professionals and those interested in learning security the he hopes will help others in the industry progress their careers.

Head of operations for a security services provider based in London, Petrigh’s pet project is a pet project that he hops will make training and security courses available to professionals around the world or anyone interested in a range of security topics. Prior to his current position, Petrigh worked in various roles including security supervisor, close protection officer, security manager, security consultant and security operations manager. He also spent 5 years in the French Foreign Legion.

He has a BSc university degree in Security Risk Management and MRes university degree in Research Applied to Security Risk Management. The community-based website aims to foster interest in security study, reading and learning and improve security globally, Petrigh says.

On the website, security professionals can find a variety of courses (online courses or partially online courses) relating to the broad concept of security, including risk management, fraud, defense, IT security, resilience, terrorism and criminology, and more. Courses can be provided by universities, public or private organizations.