Government organization Enterprise Ireland, which is responsible for the development and growth of Irish enterprises in world markets, put on a cybersecurity panel discussion yesterday tackling a wide range of subjects as it relates to cybersecurity, private and public sector roles and responsibilities, and even managing cybersecurity for organizations with a huge global reach operating in multiple countries. 

This conversation included cybersecurity experts Roland Cloutier, CSO of TikTok, Ann Johnson, CVP, Business Development - Security, Compliance & Identity at Microsoft, Richard Browne, Director of Ireland's National Cyber Security Centre, and Melissa Hathaway, President of Hathaway Global Strategies LLC who formerly spearheaded the Cyberspace Policy Review for President Barack Obama & lead the Comprehensive National Cyber Security Initiative (CNCI) for President George W. Bush.

Each expert brought a unique and sometimes differing perspective to this important conversation regarding cybersecurity, plans of action, roles and responsibilities and more. Some of the topics addressed were if tech companies should take more responsibility for how their solutions are used; who should be involved in the liability and response to cyber incidents; and what government's role is in all of this. 

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