The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) recently launched a webpage to promote the rebranded Tribal Emergency Communications Program, which supports direct consultation to tribes and Alaska Native communities to strengthen public safety communications. CISA assists tribes with public safety operable and interoperable communications through advocacy and consultative:

CISA works individually with tribal communities to develop a cultural and technical understanding of each community and its emergency communications framework. CISA assesses and documents current tribal emergency communications operations, resources, and challenges to tailor direct governance and technical support to the tribal community. CISA also uses this information to develop resources and tools to support public safety communications at all levels of government and to advocate on behalf of tribal communities.

The webpage centralizes access to information, resources, and programs that can help tribes develop and improve their communications infrastructure. CISA’s governance support helps tribal communities to: 

  • Identify opportunities to utilize CISA services, resources, and tools to enhance emergency communications capabilities through technical assistance, priority telecommunications services, and grant guidance
  • Establish and develop collaborative partnerships across all levels of government through communications-focused working groups
  • Communicate their current emergency management capabilities and challenges to tribal leadership, as well as to public safety partners at all levels of government
  • Plan and implement holistic communications operability and interoperability to expand and strengthen public safety services for their tribal community and neighboring jurisdictions

For more information on CISA’s communications operability and interoperability support to tribal communities, please contact CISATribalAffairs@cisa.dhs.go or visit