U.S. Rep. John Katko introduced legislation to require the federal government to report to Congress on their preparation planning to address the effects of a potential COVID-19 resurgence.

The COVID Preparedness, Response, and Effective Planning for Advanced Requirements by the Executive Branch (PREPARE) Act would require federal agencies to submit a report to Congress on the steps they are taking to respond to a potential resurgence of COVID-19, including measurable goals, anticipated challenges and how they will consult with Congress. 

“With reports of COVID-19 spiking in most states, Central New York working families, frontline healthcare workers and business owners are concerned that we will experience a ‘second wave.’ With our community still confronting the devastating impacts of COVID-19, we cannot in good faith move forward without learning from the missteps made by those overseeing the response effort. Central New Yorkers deserve assurance that the Administration and Federal Government are fully prepared to prevent and respond to any widespread increases in COVID-19 cases,” said Katko. “For this reason, I introduced the COVID PREPARE Act. This bipartisan bill would require federal agencies to develop and submit reports on how they would respond to a resurgence of COVID-19. While I remain focused on delivering relief to those impacted by the pandemic, I believe equally critical is our preparation and preparedness to effectively combat a resurgence of cases.”