March Networks’ Searchlight for Retail software is now integrated with Cova, a point-of-sale (POS) software system designed specifically for cannabis dispensaries. The integration enables dispensaries using the Cova POS platform to improve performance and profitability with Searchlight’s video-based business intelligence. Searchlight helps retailers gather insights on customer service, operations and promotional efforts. It also alerts businesses to suspect transactions, like frequent voids or unusual discounts, and ties all POS transactions to video surveillance for rapid investigation. The March Networks solution for cannabis operators also helps with seed-to-sale tracking and compliance by correlating data from RFID tags with surveillance video in Searchlight. In states like Colorado, where RFID tagging from seed to sale is mandated by law, Searchlight allows cannabis operators to search for tagged product by date, time, product code or serial number and pull up the associated surveillance video.

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