Inside a university campus in Central Florida, a new building is opening. Glass within the front reception area incorporates 3M™ Safety and Security Film to keep staff safe. Deeper inside the building, professional offices, a guidance counseling center and computer labs also have 3M™ Safety and Security Film installed on the glass. In some cases, privacy film keeps people from seeing what’s behind a mirrored reflection.

“They wanted to be able to keep the students and faculty safe inside,” said Steve Fisher, manager of the Window Film Division of Ferran Services, the company that installed the film. “In some cases, security film is placed on outside glass to keep people from entering. In this case, it was installed inside the building as an additional protective measure.”

3M™ Safety and Security Film is being installed on school campuses throughout the nation for active shooter mitigation as well as other acts of violence. The film holds shattered glass together after impact, preventing harm from flying glass shards. Science has shown the film can halt an intruder for up to two minutes, allowing more time for people to take shelter and emergency officials to arrive.

The Center for Homeland Defense and Security reports that more gun violence incidents took place in 2018 than in the last four decades on K-12 school campuses. Universities and colleges like the one in Central Florida also are taking protective measures against gun violence. As a 3M™ Authorized Window Film Dealer, Ferran Services has installed 3M™ Safety and Security Film on numerous schools within Florida, including private, public, secondary and primary campuses.

“The film delays. It slows an intruder and gives people time to find a safe place and call 911,” Fisher said. “A minute or two in a circumstance like that is a lifetime.”

Fisher has led the company’s window film division for the last year and brings with him more than 40 years of window film installation experience. He has worked with 3M for nearly 10 years. Prior to joining Ferran Services, he and his son owned a company that was among the top 3M Safety Film dealers in the country. “Security film hardens the exterior,” Fisher said. “More than just schools are installing security film, including storefronts, homes, hotels, hospitals, airports and more.”

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