J.R. Sloan has been named as the permanent chief information officer (CIO) for the state of Arizona. He had been serving as interim CIO since July 2019.
According to the Arizona Department of Administration Technology, Sloan is a results-driven leader with over 20 years of experience in technology and 15 years in leading product and program teams. As CIO, J.R. oversees technology innovation development and IT policies. He also serves as Chairman for the State of Arizona Information Technology Authorization Committee (ITAC) which approves and monitors high-cost technology projects statewide. In addition, J.R. serves as chairman of the body responsible for monitoring and overseeing high-risk technology projects across all state agencies. 
"Interim Chief Information Officer J.R. Sloan is now the permanent CIO of the state effective immediately. With over 35 years of experience in the public and private sector, J.R. is a leader who empowers his colleagues and partners to achieve goals," read an Arizona Strategic Enterprise Technology (ASET) post on LinkedIn
Prior to joining the state, J.R. gained experience in both operational and executive roles in product management, marketing, business development, and customer service for enterprise software companies. He has extensive experience in leading cross-functional teams, building consensus, and achieving strategic objectives. His broad knowledge of business and processes coupled with technology and systems integration experience enable him to effectively engage all parts of an organization. 
J.R. is certified in Pragmatic Marketing and Product Management. His educational background includes Electrical Engineering at the University of Arizona and Architecture and Environmental Design at Arizona State University.