Delta Scientific’s bullet-resistant Level 4 booths provide a high level of resistance. The booths are tested and certified to conform to Underwriters Laboratories standard UL 752 and others. If wanted, they can be pre-wired to N.E.C. (i.e. 125 AMP, 120/240 Volt, 6/12 station, single phase or whatever current is used in that region) and come fully assembled, ready for service. It provides protection against high-power rifles such as 30.06, 7.62 ammunition, hand grenades and high explosives. The bullet-resistant Level 4 booths currently protect the Pentagon in Washington, U.S. and other nations’ embassies needing extra security. Fifty custom-designed bullet-resistant guard booths are now in use at the San Ysidro Landed Port of Entry (SYLPOE), one of the busiest land ports in the world. Located between San Diego in the USA and Tijuana in Mexico, the port processes an average of 50,000 northbound vehicles per day.

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