The Park Controller is the latest booth model created by B.I.G. Enterprises. This high security booth serves a large park facility with waterways, and employs bullet resistant technology with a whimsical nautical design. The booth integrates security and protection while showcasing a unique custom exterior. To compliment a family environment, the booth is designed to be aesthetically pleasing to park visitors, while maintaining a high level of security with its bullet resistant construction. The doors are manufactured with full-length stainless steel hinges; custom commercial steel framed sliding transaction windows and bullet resistant laminated glass clad poly-cabonate. It comes complete with electrical, including provisions for data, communication and security camera systems, stainless steel shelves, and a high output commercial system HVAC. Designed as an entrance control tollbooth, The Park Controller can be modified to serve any number of facilities, venues and other applications such as a security booth.