Jefferson County, Ohio's special response team that operates out of the sheriff’s department now has a drone that can be used in tactical situations and in the search for missing persons.

According to a news report, after a $5,500 donation to the special response team and the sheriff’s department, they were able to purchase the drone and other equipment, such as a TV monitor to watch the drone footage in real-time. Sheriff’s Sgt. Ed Pfouts, who heads up the special response team, says the drone has infrared technology and can track a person who runs from a crime scene or a person who has gone missing. “The heat signature from people will be picked up and the person found much quicker than team members going out and looking on foot,” he says. 

Pfouts says the drone can be used inside buildings, such as in schools with an active shooter situation. “We will be able to clear hallways quicker and keep team members safer,” he says.

He adds that the drone will be available to other police agencies in looking for a missing person.