L-3 Communications Security & Detection Systems told reporters covering ISC West that it has deployed several security checkpoint technologies at the Douglas County Robert A. Christensen Justice Center, located in Castle Rock, Colorado. L-3’s products were installed to improve public safety by identifying a wide range of threats at the checkpoint that include metallic and non-metallic weapons, drugs, explosives, stolen property and other contraband.

“We first deployed L-3’s checkpoint solution over six months ago in order to raise the level of security and to reduce the need for intrusive pat-down searches,” said Tony Spurlock, undersheriff for the Douglas County Sheriff's Office. “We have found that we are able to clear alarms much more effectively therefore dramatically reducing the number of overall pat-down searches. The sensor integration of the ProVision™ whole-body imager and the Protocol™ metal detector is key in achieving a complete checkpoint security solution.”

The checkpoint installation at the Robert A. Christensen Justice Center consists of three elements: the ProVision™ whole-body imager walk-through portal and the Protocol™ PD 6500i zoned metal detector for identifying threats or contraband concealed on the body and the PX™ 6.4 checkpoint X-ray system for screening hand-carried items. L-3’s sensor integration option collects, combines and organizes data from the individual components to give inspectors a comprehensive view of concealed items and substances identified by both the Protocol and ProVision sensors’ detection technologies.

Douglas County’s deployment of our checkpoint screening technologies represents a dedication to increasing public safety at justice centers,” said Thomas Ripp, president of L-3 Security & Detection Systems. “Our flexible and configurable system allows customers to purchase the components they need today and add additional sensor capabilities in the future.”

The ProVision component as a stand-alone product is currently installed at the El Paso County Terry R. Harris Judicial Complex in Colorado Springs; Cook County Department of Corrections facilities in Chicago, Illinois; major airports around the world including the U.S., Europe, Russia and Asia; military bases and border crossings in the Middle East; high-threat facilities such as government buildings, U.S. federal, state and foreign courthouses, embassies, prisons and other government buildings, commercial facilities and corporate offices.