BlackBerry Cylance has promoted John McClurg to BlackBerry Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) and Christopher Hummel, BlackBerry Vice President of IT and Business Application Solutions to BlackBerry Chief Information Officer (CIO).
As CISO, McClurg will lead all aspects of BlackBerry's information security program globally, ensuring the development and implementation of cybersecurity policies and procedures across all divisions and corporate functions. McClurg will be responsible for identifying, evaluating and reporting on information security risks to the executive team, and serve as a company evangelist of best practices in cybersecurity.
McClurg joined Cylance in July 2016 from Dell where he served as Chief Security Officer. Previous to Dell, McClurg held senior positions with Honeywell International (as VP of Global Security), Lucent Technologies/Bell Laboratories, the U.S. Intelligence Community, the Department of Energy (charged with establishing a Cyber-Counterintelligence program), the FBI (as Supervisory Special Agent) and the CIA (as Deputy Branch Chief). McClurg has supported the missions of numerous agencies, including those of the DOD and DOE, battling cybercrime, terrorism, and espionage. McClurg holds a J.D. degree from Brigham Young University, an MA in Organizational Behavior, BS and BA degrees in University Studies and Philosophy from Brigham Young, and advanced doctoral studies in Philosophical Hermeneutics at UNC-Chapel Hill and UCLA. 
As CIO, Hummel will serve as a transformational leader within BlackBerry, responsible for providing insights to the executive leadership on key technological innovations, ensuring IT considerations drive key initiatives across the company and maintaining the highest level of enterprise security and employee privacy.
Hummel has more than 20 years of IT leadership experience that includes service delivery, project management, network integration and new business development across international locations to the CIO role. Hummel joined BlackBerry in August 2012.