The U.S. Coast Guard has issued safety recommendations following the Conception dive boat accident near Santa Cruz Island.

The bulletin recommends owners, operators and masters of passenger vessels review safety, firefighting and emergency plans for their vessels.

Some of the recommendations include:

  • Review emergency duties and responsibilities with the crew and any other crewmember in a safety sensitive position to ensure they comprehend and can comply with their obligations in an emergency to include the passenger safety orientation. Ensure emergency escapes are clearly identified, functional, and remain clear of objects that may impede egress.
  • Review the vessel log book and ensure records of crew training, emergency drills, and equipment maintenance are logged and current.
  • Ensure all required firefighting and lifesaving equipment is onboard and operational.
  • Reduce potential fire hazards and consider limiting the unsupervised charging of lithium-ion batteries and extensive use of power strips and extension cords.