Bayamon Medical Center and the Puerto Rico Women and Children's Hospital have suffered a ransomware attack that involved personal information of the hospital's patients. 

Shortly after the Bayamon Medical Center found out about the data breach incident, they began an investigation and hired a consultant to assist them in decrypting and recovering the records. "As a result, of our investigation, the Hospitals believe that the records were simply encrypted and there is currently no indication that the information itself has otherwise been used by any unauthorized individuals," the press release says. 

Approximately 522,000 former and current patients were notified about this ransomware attack as precautionary measure, says a news report. The Department of Health and Human Services' Office for Civil Rights has been reported about the ransomware attack as two different security breaches, possibly impacting 422,496 Bayamón Medical Center patients and 99,943 Puerto Rico Women and Children's Hospital patients, notes the report.