An Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU) professor has invented an artificial intelligence program that can hijack rogue drones, safely neutralizing any possible threat, says a news report

This invention is credited to ERAU assistant professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Houbing Song. He came up with the idea after noticing an uptick in unauthorized drone sightings. "Reports of unmanned aircraft sightings (UAS) from pilots, citizens, and law enforcement have increased dramatically over the past five years," Song said. "The FAA now receives more than 100 such reports each month."

Privacy concerns and cases of sports being ruined are seen as two of the few reasons why drones should be restricted. as a reason for stiffer regulation. More recently, drones were responsible for grounding hundreds of flights at London's Gatwick Airport during the busy Christmas holiday week of 2018, says the report.