The Danish Soccer club Brøndby IF has announced that starting in July 2019, automated facial recognition (AFR) technology will be deployed at Brøndby Stadium.

The news report says it will be used to identify persons that have been banned from attending  Brøndby IF soccer matches for violations of the club’s own rules of conduct during past games. The AFR system will work by using cameras that scan the public area in front of the stadium entrances, so that persons on the ban list can be ”picked out” from the crowd before reaching the entrance.

Although Denmark does not have a specific national law providing a legal basis for the use of AFR, says the report, the use of AFR technology at Brøndby Stadium comes with prior approval from the Danish Data Protection Authority (DPA) which is a requirement in the Data Protection Act. Brøndby IF is the first company to secure an approval for using AFR in Denmark.