Senator Rick Scott highlighted his Fighting For Florida budget, which includes more than $140 million to improve security and infrastructure at ports in Florida, says a news report

At a press conference held at the Port of Palm Beach in Riviera Beach, Scott said, "We love all the jobs that are created, whether it's for the cruise industry, manufacturing industry, or people working around our ports. They are good paying jobs." 

In his eight years as governor of Florida, Scott said, the state invested $1.4 billion into the 15 sea ports and two billion at the Everglades in Florida, and as a result, it created many jobs and Florida has one of the 10 fastest growing ports. Before his governance, the federal state only invested 15 million a year, Scott said, during his governance, the federal government did not invest in port security and infrastructure. 

Scott wants to "make sure the federal government remains a partner" and invests 140 million into port infrastructure and security.