Lyft announced a new suite of safety features and programs for its riders.
In a blog post, Lyft said, "These efforts will make it easier for riders to find their ride, alert emergency services in the event of an unsafe situation, and ensure any ride issues are communicated back to our support team and drivers themselves.  In addition, we are proud to make a driver and rider education program available as part of our goal to ensure Lyft is a safe, welcoming, and inclusive community."
Lyft announced an increased in-app license plate visibility feature so that riders can more easily see a car's license plate.
Lyft is also is making sexual harassment prevention education available to all Lyft drivers and riders as part of a commitment to ensuring the Lyft community is safe for everyone.
In addition, Lyft said it will soon add anin-app option that will provide access to 911 from within the Lyft app. "This will build on our announcement late last year to provide drivers with an in-app emergency assistance button," Lyft said.
“Lyft is relentlessly focused on finding new ways to further strengthen safety measures on our platform,” said Mary Winfield, Lyft’s Head of Trust & Safety. “Today, we’re glad to continue building on our commitment to safety by making it easier to identify your Lyft ride, get help in an unsafe situation, and ensure everyone in our community is held to the same standards.”