Missouri House Senate could amend the state's House Bill 324 to include a ban on using unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) near stadiums, such as the venues for the St. Louis Cardinals, Kansas City Royals, Kansas City Chiefs, and the University of Missouri's football stadium.

The current House bill 324 bans the use of UAS near correctional facilities and near mental health facilities. The proposal to include large, open-air venues is backed by General counsel for the Cardinals, Michael Whittle, who spoke before the Missouri Senate panel. 

According to a news report, Whittle said drones posed a threat to public safety because they can carry explosives, biological or chemical weapons. “Unfortunately, there is nothing in our current Missouri law that would make it unlawful for a drone operator to fly a drone into a mass gathering space, such as a large open-air stadium, imposing a threat to its occupants and/or causing an actual attack and/or mass panic or fear from an attack,” Whittle said.