According to, China's new ID Card will track DNA information, location and more. 

The idea was first proposed by Huang Guangmiao, a member of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, a political advisory body, in March 2011.His proposal included ideas a third-generation ID card that would work on saving multiple cards, such as on storing bank account information, transportation cards and other daily life information such as shopping cards, discount cards, medical cards and more. 

However, there are new rumors on the ID card. Some of the rumors say the ID card: 

  • contains location data to find the card after it has been stolen or lost. 
  • stores bank account information, credit cards, social security cards and shopping cards.
  • integrates fingerprints to allow user to access public facilities and serve as verification purposes when making electronic payments.
  • requires "blood samples" that would serve in emergencies where knowing the user's blood type is critical, or help the police with criminal cases. 
  • serves as an USB. This would allow anyone to download the information contained in the ID card.