The South Dakota Judiciary Committee voted to advance Senate Bill 122 to the Senate floor, which could mean that guns could be carried on S.D. college campuses.

SB 122 will “restrict the enactment of policies governing the possession of firearms at a public institution of higher education.”

If the bill is passed, the Board of Regents, South Dakota Board of Technical Education or any institution under their control could not adopt any rules or regulations related to firearms on college campuses. Higher education institutions will require by law to follow the limitations and regulations the state has for firearms on campuses, says a news report.

According to the report, opponents of the bill said that allowing firearms could pose a danger on college campuses, where students are housed in close quarters in dormitories, struggling with their mental health, frequently under the influence or facing dating violence. School administrators also noted that allowing guns on campuses could increase universities’ insurance liability and make them ineligible to host high-profile events like NCAA championships.

Proponents of the bill, says the report, argue that restricting campus carry is a violation of the constitutional right to bear arms, and that students and faculty should be able to defend themselves in the event of an active shooter situation.