RagingWire Data Centers, Inc. is a premier data center provider in North America and part of the global data center platform of NTT Communications (NTT Com), the information and communications technology (ICT) solutions and international communications business within the NTT Group.

RagingWire has approximately two million square feet of data center infrastructure on campuses in Ashburn, Virginia; Dallas, Texas; and Northern California, with growth plans in these locations and other top North American data center markets. RagingWire enables its hyperscale and enterprise customers to reach international markets as well as scale up as needed by leveraging the global presence of its parent company, NTT.

Since its inception, RagingWire has delivered high levels of security, professionalism and customer service for its wide range of customers. In addition, as a federal government facility, RagingWire meets rigorous security controls and environmental standards to attain data center and security industry certifications. Its audit standards include SSAE 18 Type 2 audit, PCI DSS 3.2, ISO 27001, Type 2 SOC audit, HIPAA, and FISMA Moderate. When clients need to perform audits and accreditation processes, RagingWire provides facility tours and interviews with its IT and physical security professionals, which includes G4S Secure Integration as its security partner to provide systems integration services nationally.

Edward Ankers is RagingWire’s Director of Corporate Security. He says, “As data centers become more vitally integrated into all aspects of our economy and our daily lives, our security staff must remain more vigilant than ever before to protect this critical infrastructure. We know that criminals may seek to damage data centers in an effort to cause a ripple effect of digital chaos. Other criminals may look to make money on the black market by selling stolen equipment such as servers, cables and the copper wire stored on data center construction sites.”

In addition, he says, “Insider threats are always an issue at any company, which is why we train our employees to look for certain signs of behavior gone wrong, and are always monitoring our security cameras appropriately for tell-tale signs of suspicious activity.”

Ankers was recently seeking a security system that enabled multiple integrator relationships across several states to ensure consistency during installations, service and maintenance; one that would integrate with other technologies; an efficient and reliable Video Management System; and one that would meet three-factor authentication compliance requirements.

He found AMAG Technology’s Symmetry Access Control System to not only meet compliance requirements, but is one that operates with IRIS scanners and badge readers to provide three-factor authentication, whereby employees must present something they have (access card), something they know (PIN) and something they are (biometric) to access the data center.

Symmetry Access Control also integrates with Vingtor-Stentofon’s Turbine audio solution to provide another layer of security. While manning a perimeter guard station, RagingWire security officers use the audio system to greet visitors. After the guest explains the purpose of their visit and the officer can see their face, the officer raises the gate to allow entrance.

Ankers is proud of his security team, many of whom are former military veterans, he says. “Our security teams are 100-percent comprised of RagingWire employees. We believe in hiring thoroughly vetted, full-time, professional security officers who are vested in the company’s success while proudly wearing our logo. We feel that former military or law enforcement personnel are often the best at understanding the ‘always be prepared’ nature of security, even on nights and weekends, 24/7/365. Also, we look for service-oriented people who will boost our company’s reputation by escorting people in need of assistance, tidying up when necessary, and promptly handling issues with plumbing, wildlife, parking and whatever else may come up. We make sure our guards are well-trained to quickly analyze data from the various security cameras and detection systems that we deploy around all points outside and inside our data centers.”

In addition to the Symmetry Access Control system, Ankers says that as the company builds new data centers on its multiple campuses, future security plans will include anti-climb perimeter fencing, a security checkpoint equipped with an M30-P1 rated, anti-ram barrier arm that protects the site from a 15,000-pound truck traveling up to 30 mph; secure loading docks; large mantraps; and high-definition, 360-degree field of view cameras on all secured doors and rooms, roofs and parking.