The majority of Americans are unprepared or underprepared for a natural disaster, according to a recent poll from MSN.

The poll found that only three in 10 Americans say they have an emergency preparedness kid, 42% say they are not at all prepared for a disaster, and 46% say they’re only prepared a little.

Not all regions have the same preparedness levels, however. In 16 states, 25% or fewer residents say they have an emergency preparedness kit, Business Insider reports. In those same states, almost half the population says they are not at all prepared for a disaster, while more than 50% say they’re a little prepared.

States prone to disasters tend to pay more attention; South Carolina, frequently at risk from hurricanes, was one of the most prepared states.

So which 16 states are least prepared? Check out the chart below.


State % of Residents with an Emergency Kit % Who Say They’re “Not at All” Prepared for a Natural Disaster
Connecticut 25% 46%
Washington, DC 23% 50%
Delaware 24% 49%
Illinois 24% 48%
Indiana 25% 47%
Massachusetts 25% 47%
Maryland 24% 49%
Maine 25% 46%
Michigan 25% 47%
New Jersey 24% 49%
New York 24% 49%
Ohio 24% 47%
Pennsylvania 24% 48%
Rhode Island 24% 48%
Vermont 25% 47%
Wisconsin 25% 46%