In which U.S. state is it most dangerous to drive, given factors such as reckless driving, road rage, drunk driving, and bad weather? 

According to the Auto Insurance Center (AIC), just completed a study of the deadliest driving conditions by state throughout the U.S. from 2005 to 2015, Montana had the greatest number of fatalities due to this type of driving – 108 fatalities per 100,000 residents. A common behavior cited in crash deaths in Montana was a lack of seat belt use, in addition to speeding and alcohol consumption. The next state to have the highest fatalities due to careless and reckless driving was Arkansas (86 fatalities).

The states with the least number of deaths caused by dangerous driving were Virginia (1.42 fatalities), New York (2.01 fatalities), Indiana (2.14 fatalities) and California (2.84 fatalities).

Fatal car crashes caused by road rage were the most prevalent in Indiana (almost 13 fatalities per 100,000 residents). Improper lane change was most commonly cited in Delaware (nearly eight fatalities), and failure to keep to a lane happened the most often in Mississippi (about 93 fatalities) and Wyoming (90 fatalities).

Finally, Alabama had the most fatal car crashes caused by police pursuit (about 2.5 fatalities).

According to the data, the worst states for alcohol-related crash fatalities include Wyoming (93 fatalities per 100,000 residents) and Montana (86 fatalities). On the other end of the spectrum, Massachusetts (6 fatalities) and New York (almost 9 fatalities) had the least number of alcohol-related vehicle deaths.

Wyoming (nearly 86 fatalities per 100,000 residents) and Montana (about 84 fatalities) also reappeared on the list for the top states with the highest number of speeding- and racing-related fatalities. The states with the least number of speeding- and racing-related deaths were New Jersey (almost 12 fatalities) and the District of Columbia (just under 12 fatalities).

Comparing states that had the biggest changes in careless and reckless driving deaths, the study found that North Carolina experienced the largest increase in driving fatalities from 2014 to 2015 – it had 408 more fatalities per 100,000 residents. Along with careless and reckless driving, some people also speed. Of the states that saw an increase in speeding and racing-related deaths, Montana and Maine were the worst. 

Death rates per state can change over time, as well. Some states have seen an increase in crash fatalities over the years, while others have thankfully seen a decrease. Over the past 10 years, states that saw the biggest increases in speeding and racing crash deaths included Florida (22.5 percent) and Arizona (10.3 percent).

The states with the greatest percentage increases in careless and reckless crash deaths were Georgia (6.5 percent), Hawaii (5.1 percent) and Florida (5 percent). Finally, the states with the greatest increases in percentage of alcohol-related crash deaths were Oregon (.71 percent), North Dakota (.58 percent) and Iowa (.41 percent).

When it came to foggy conditions, West Virginia had the most crash fatalities (5.5), while Mississippi had the most rain-related deaths (30.3). Sleet-related vehicle deaths were the highest in South Dakota (2.8) and Nebraska (2.4). Further, Wyoming had the most car crash fatalities due to snowy conditions (20.6).

Drivers across the country often have to deal with rain while they drive, and in some states, snow as well. Which type of weather has caused more fatal accidents since 2005? While rain causes more fatalities in most states, including all of the South and Northeast, six states in the Midwest and West are affected more by snow, the study found.