The Customer

Metrasens’ customer, a Fortune 100 U.S. technology company, was hosting a large event in a major U.S. city and wanted to enhance security screening effectiveness while maintaining a positive audience experience.


The Situation

Companies like Metrasens’ client that host company organized events are often concerned about the combined impact on both safety and the audience experience.  An understandable concern with events that draw tens-of-thousands of attendees. 

This client had a specific requirement for their event:

  1. Higher throughput screening that eliminated queues
  2. Detection capability of only large threat items (i.e., explosives, semi-automatic rifles)
  3. Portable product that offered mobility for real-time adjustments
  4. Did not require complex infrastructure modifications


The Results

Metrasens’ client chose the Proscreen 900 solution after determining that it had best met the core criteria for its project. 

At a throughput rate of 3,000+ people per hour, per lane, Proscreen 900 allowed people to move more swiftly through the screening process.  Unlike other technologies, people did not need to divest any of their belongings, including laptops and other electronics, and fewer security personnel were required to monitor for secondary search procedures.  As a detector of only large explosives and weapons, the Proscreen 900 demonstrated a clearance rate in excess of 95%. 

The client was thoroughly impressed by Proscreen 900’s form factor and portability, making setup and take down an effortless experience.  Proscreen 900 does not require calibration and the controls were simple and intuitive for operators of all skill levels.

Metrasens’ client was pleased with the outcome of the event and the performance of the screening process.  Due to the product’s effectiveness, durability and ease of use, they plan to deploy Proscreen 900 at future events worldwide. Each event venue presents unique screening dilemmas and the flexibility of Proscreen 900 has added some simplicity to the complexities of securing venues.